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This is just ridiculous...

Im gonna put the "consecuences" later as a summary... but basically, some streamers like Coco, Haato, and many more, are getting unfairly punished for involuntarily "ofending china"... wanna know the worst part? is not even that they were trying to say some sort of joke or anything... for example, Coco just mentionted her Taiwanese fans by thanking them (yep, she was just reading her channel's statistics and thanking her fans), there's nothing wrong with it, but apperantly this offended the extremist political people from china, since they though that Coco was recognizing Taiwan as an indpendient state... what kind of ass logic is that? idk... but other Hololive members just for doing or even playing chinese theme games, are also getting punished... you'll know it just by reading the list of punishments that they're getting for this...

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Kiryu Coco

-Youtube and Twitter being suspended for 3 week

-Actual Person get doxed and people sending her death threat

-being force to apologize while she do nothing wrong

Akai Haato

-Youtube and Twitter being suspended for 3 week

-being force to apologize while she do nothing wrong

Inugami Korone

-All her Detention gameplay were privated

-3D stream got cancel

Gawr Gura

-Chat ban the word Taiwan,China,Tibet,Hong Kong etc

Shishiro Botan

-using fake chat on stream to avoid backlash

Hololive member

-Bilibili mirror stream will be stop

-Probably will stop reading Superchat in the future

-Probably being force to spread love in twitter

Inuyama Tamaki

-Got banned from bilibili because she mention kaichou on stream

Ars Almal

-All her previous stream that mention Taiwan were cut out.


this is actually really sad since I love chinese music, chinese art, chinese fighting styles... lots of their culture is precious, but the goverment they have is simply inhuman and terrible, and is ruining all those precious stuffs that China has...


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